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My name is Glenda Tuzza, I was born in Grottaglie (TA) on 02.12.1988 and I live in Crema (CR).


I obtained two three-year degrees: the first at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia in 2011 in decoration and restoration and the second in 2015 in cinema, at the DAMS in Bologna. Since 2021 I have been working as an administrative employee.


I am the daughter of two parents who both have a passion for art and a talent for drawing. A natural inclination has led me since I was a child to direct myself towards the portrait of the human figure. I practiced self-taught with pencil copying of images from magazines, photographs and advertisements. Painting is a world that I later discovered when I grew up, in the Academy.


Since 2011 I have signed my works with the pseudonym GEF which stands for Glenda Es Feliz.

In 2013 I won the second prize at the Contest "If the world were..." organized by the KappaDue Consultory in Crema.

In 2020 I was selected as a finalist at the Mestre di Painting Prize and thanks to this recognition I entered the catalog curated by Marco Dolfin.

In 2021 I ranked second in the paintings category at the Image Festival organized by the Riflessi d'Arte Association at the Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca (TA).


I have exhibited in Turin at the Cavallerizza (Ir)reale, in Venice Mestre at the Candiani Cultural Center and over the years I have organized personal exhibitions and taken part in various group exhibitions in the Crema area. My first personal exhibition curated by Arianna Carcano at the Fayer Communication showroom in Milan dates back to 2016.


My pictorial activity was born and developed in the figurative field. I began by freely creating portraits of family, friends and loved ones and then moved on to commissioned works. After a few troubled years I decide to make a breakthrough in my pictorial research path and since 2020 I have turned all my attention to the self-portrait.

Starting from myself, from a more intimate and introspective dimension is a necessity for me and at the same time an attempt to put my emotions in order. I like the self-portrait because it embraces the whole subjectivity of my gaze.

'Since my subjects have always been my emotions, my moods and the deep reactions that life gradually aroused in me, I have often objectified everything in self-portraits, which were the most sincere and real I could do to express my feelings and my sensations'

M. Zamora (ed.), F. Kahlo Passionate Letters, Abscondita SRL, Milan, 2002, page 100

© Glenda Es Feliz 2019-2024

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